Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY: mini manilla folders

I love these! They are totally project ready! But these tiny ones are cute!

All you need is colored paper and you get these cute lil things!
You need to print these and here is the template: Here!


DIY:Cute Corner Bookmarks

Look at this little cute corner bookmark! Well if this is so cute well and you want to learn to make them stay reading!

All the supplies you need is an envolope,scissors, amd scraps of scrapbook paper, and glue

1) take your envolpe and find an edge and figure out you heart shape.
2) when you finally decide how you heart going to look like cut out the edge. Optional: draw your heart so you know where to cut.
3. Cut the scrapbook paper to the shape of your heart except it has to be a little smaller them glue!
Hope you like this adorable DIY!